Virtual eSports

The new generation is looking for new content

Next-Gen virtual

Our virtual environments are built on the latest developments in artificial intelligence to deliver innovative content within a controlled ecosystem, enhancing our clients' Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)

Shoot and money

The first virtual shooting game, set in guerrilla warfare, is a frenetic, fast-paced experience with over 1000 daily events.

Empower the bettor to predict results practically every minute, ensuring high engagement due to the constant availability of bets and scenarios.

Motor racing

The F1 virtual racing experience allows the bettor to savor the thrill of the track, with continuous races lasting no more than 2 minutes. Players will feel like they are in the paddock, witnessing the latest races of their idols.

Available on web, mobile and retail version

Your bettors will be able to enjoy this thrilling and unparalleled experience on all our platforms—web, mobile, and retail—all in an easy integration.

Attract new bettors

Product designed to attract the new generation of bettors

New-gen virtual

We leverage the latest technological advances by incorporating artificial intelligence

Highly intensive product.

We offer more than 1000 matches per day with a diverse range of scenarios