Retail solution

One integration to manage them to all

Twenty minutes installation

Mobadoo has designed a comprehensive retail integration app that is supported on both Windows and Linux platforms. All you need is a screen for streaming, a markets panel, and a terminal printer. The rest of the system has been developed by Mobadoo. In less than twenty minutes, you have the possibility of installing a retail point to start earning money.

Latest innovations

Explore the cutting-edge world of virtual gaming with Mobadoo! Immerse yourself in the latest and most exciting games powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. Elevate your gaming experience and stay ahead with Mobadoo's innovative offerings!

Stronger integration.

If you prefer to integrate Mobadoo into your ecosystem, we offer a retail API that allows you to incorporate retail products seamlessly into your platform.

Our clients

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20 minutes integration

Get your point up and running in approximately 20 minutes with just a screen, a thermal printer, and a cash register for seamless bet creation.

Latest innovation

Our retail solution leverages cutting-edge technology, incorporating virtual games generated by artificial intelligence to deliver an unparalleled experience

Stronger integration

Mobadoo provides API integration to enhance the strength of your ecosystem, ensuring seamless connectivity for your specific needs.