Quiniela eSports

The prediction game: Achieve success and win money.

Quiniela eSports

Experience a game with zero risk for operators, thanks to guaranteed Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). eSports enthusiasts can showcase their expertise by predicting not only the winners of upcoming matches but also key moments like the first blood or the destruction of the first tower.


The pioneering monetized eSports prediction experience.

From traditional gamers to the most knowledge-hungry eSports enthusiasts, everyone will find it irresistible to try predicting outcomes for the chance to win high prizes at a very low cost.

Mobadoo - Quiniela

Cross-platform jackpot

Unleash the excitement with a substantial jackpot in the Quiniela, making your gaming site irresistibly appealing to both eSports enthusiasts and your existing traditional player base.

A multi-game and multi-market system

Boost your market strategy with our versatile Quiniela configurator. Customize the number of games, prize amounts, distribution, and target markets. Our automated system will generate everything for you on demand.

Multiple e-Sports

Configure Quinielas for major esports games like LOL, CSGO, and DOTA2 to broaden your coverage of the most popular titles in the industry.

Level up

Engage your bettors by providing a variety of betting markets, allowing them to choose the level of difficulty for their successes – making the experience both accessible and challenging.

Advisory Team

Let our team assist you in reaching your set goals by maximizing the full potential of this product.