esports betting pool

Discover the first 1X2 product of the esports market.

The innovation

The first monetized betting pool for esports

The betting pool, and its big jackpot, will make your gaming site extremely attractive to esports fans, as well as to your current traditional players.

An accumulated jackpot without risk for the gaming operator

See how the total bets' volume, as well as your leadership within the market, increase as the jackpot's size constantly grows.

A multi-game and multi- market system

Optimize your market strategy with the versatile Quiniela configurator, setting the number of games, the amount and distribution of prizes, and many other options.

Mix different

You can have Quinielas with matches from a single eSports, or mix different eSports for a more interesting experience.

Pick the betting

Combine up to two predictions to request in the Quiniela, choosing from a large list of options: winner, first blood, towers, headshots, etc.


Determine the prizes pool volume, its distribution among the prizes categories, and how the jackpot should be managed.

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