Shoot & money

The guerrilla war has returned!

Attract new bettors.

With our virtuals, you'll have the opportunity to attract new, next-generation bettors with the content they expect, with a user experience tightly controlled by artificial intelligence.

Next-Gen virtuals

A virtual shooting game with unique and thrilling encounters that are broadcast in real time scheduled by artificial intelligence (AI).

With random matches in different scenarios, players can bet on the winning team, a tie, and several other options, taking on different levels of risk to achieve greater profits.

We guarantee a vibrant and high-quality user experience with constant and unique matches of 40 to 60 seconds, which means an endless source of entertainment for eSporters. Online solution and physical venues for esports.

More than 1000 different matches per day

A product highly intensive in terms of content type and the number of events generated, as a new betting opportunity becomes available every minute.

Available on web, mobile and retail version

Your bettors will be able to enjoy this thrilling and unparalleled experience on all our platforms—web, mobile, and retail—all in an easy integration.

Attract new bettors

Product designed to attract the new generation of bettors

New-gen virtual

We leverage the latest technological advances by incorporating artificial intelligence

Highly intensive product.

We offer more than 1000 matches per day with a diverse range of scenarios