esports Fantasy

Differentiate from the competition and strengthen loyalty

Enrich your offering with unique betting contents:


Take the lead with Mobadoo's esports Fantasy. Differentiate from your competitors.

Stengthen Loyalty

Mobadoo’s eSports betting ecosystem is unique, avoiding your customers to go away.


Competitiveness is a common quality between gamers, making them to love the eSports fantasy, hoping to outperform their friends and lead the ranking.

Huge Jackpot

The existence of a large Jackpot will attract a lot of new customers, willing to achieve the goal, with a minimum cost, and doing what they like the most.

No risk

Being a mutual game, the eSports fantasy prizes are obtained from the total amount wagered, so there is no risk for the game operator.

Attract new customers

It is not only a new offering for your existing customers, but a new offering for a completle new segment of players, eager for hyperstimulating games.

picking list

The Players’s picking list will show all players expected to play on the selected period, as well as its statistics, and its fantasy cost.


On games like League of Legends, all position should be filled before placing the bet: Top, Bottom, Middle, Jungle and Support.

Best leagues

Gaming operator may create its set of eSports Fantasy game using any league from our eSports catalog: LEC, LCK, Dreamleague, ESL, CBLOL, etc.

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