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Focused on the main games to offer a wide range of markets.

Our system

In Mobadoo we have developed a voting system that allows us to minimize risk and maximize odds.

The current problem of betting in eSports is that the odds are calculated using the same, or similar, systems that apply to conventional sports.

How do we do it?

With historical data, mathematical models, expert systems, artificial intelligence and most important of all: the best team of professional analysts.

Optimize your promotional strategy by giving a specific spread down at an event level! Make the difference by offering the most attractive odds of the market.

That is why Mobadoo offers the most attractive Odds on the market, which will be the difference for your platform.



Usual win-lose, handicap and Asian handicap markets.



Secondary markets for specific events of each game.



The “emotion markets” have been designed for the new generations of bettors, millennials, who since they are born they are over stimulated and need a plus of emotion that arouses them a greater interest.

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