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Seamless wallet






Gracias a mobadoo iframe para quiniela y fantasy, podrá prescindir de sportbooks para integrar el servicio que desee en tiempo record.

- Integración rápida en dos llamadas a la API.

- Customizado de estilos adaptado a su imagen corporativa.

- Disponible para PC y movil

- Diseño responsive para todo tipo de dispositivos

Seamless Wallet

Mobadoo offers seamless integration with the sportsbooks platform's wallet, providing a wide set of function for control and validation of the bet slips:

· Establishment of the maximum allowed bet per betting market for each eSports.

· Players’ Blacklist management, including specific maximum bet allowed for a specific player.

· Configurable method for bet slips valuation: batch resolution or by individuals request.

· Full bet slips management: list, cancellation, download, valuation, etc.

· Multiple types of bet slip allowed: we can receive and manage simple and combined bet slips types from the sportsbook’s platform.


In Mobadoo we have a network of certified partners that support our customers by offering customized integration services.

We integrate directly with the main platforms of the market, and we can directly integrate our services on your website.


We provide a historical of statistical information of matches and markets of the following games:

Our database contains more than 1MM of annual rounds / games / Tournaments / Leagues information points.


We offer detailed information on recent and upcoming events, together with their statistics.

24x7 Support Services

IT systems require constant monitoring and specific support to ensure their adequate safety, performance and performance throughout their life-cycle.

In Mobadoo we take care of everything.

Do not waste your time worrying about threats, crashes and system attacks.

We have different types of services and operations centers that allow us to monitor odds in real time and detect deviations, attacks, modifications and other dangerous events for companies.

24x7 infrastructure monitoring service, which maximizes the availability of our services.

Personal technical support

We assign a permanent technical expert who knows your infrastructure and the characteristics of your business to expedite any process with us.

We also handle any request with your operator.

Behind the technology there are people

You will always have an available specialist technician assigned to handle any type of incident and ensure that the response times are minimal.

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